Best Practices for Realtors on Facebook Marketing

According to recent research, nearly 70% of real estate agents are using Facebook to market their businesses.

Social media has definitely become the wave of the future for real estate advertising. Real estate agents use Facebook to promote their listings, to market open houses and to notify other agents and the public about price drops and additional incentives. Many agents have embraced the social media world to promote their brand and their listings because it is free, easy and efficient.

In addition to offering cost-effective methods of promoting properties, Facebook also offers a range of new opportunities to grow on a robust community of prospective buyers and sellers.

Here are some of the best practices for using Facebook in real estate promotion.

Connect with Potential Clients

Social media makes it much easier to make a fast, personal connection with people you meet.

Real estate agent used to hand out cards or had to ask for a phone number or email address — now they try to remember people’s names so they can find them on Facebook or LinkedIn and connect that way. It’s a softer way to connect — instead of sending them an email from a business address, you can connect on a personal level on Facebook and then invite them to your business page.

On that note, you may want to consider developing a separate business page on Facebook that allows you to target your content and your audience more effectively. To get started building your fan base, we recommends uploading your email database to Facebook once a quarter and inviting everyone to become a fan, and then inviting new friends and contacts as you meet them.

That being said, many agents still opt to use their personal Facebook account for posts rather than setting up a business page.

Melanie, a real estate agent originally set up a business page on Facebook, but then decided to just focus on building her personal network. “I realized that I just didn’t have time to manage posting in two places, and using my personal network was working just fine,” says Melanie. According to Melanie, about 70% of her personal network postings are business-related and include relevant articles, links to her blogs posts as well as photos and ads for her listings.

Maintain a Consistent Flow of Communication

It used to be that a monthly newsletter was enough to keep your network updated on your business, but with the advent of social media, you now have the opportunity to stay top-of-mind on an ongoing basis.

Even if you’re just getting started using Facebook, make sure you’re at least mixing in some real estate-related posts with your personal posts — because your extended network is often your best source of new business. You don’t want to bombard your friends on Facebook with your work, the worst thing would be if a friend didn’t know what you do and used someone else, only because they didn't know you were in real estate business.

Integrate Facebook Into Your Existing Marketing

In addition to giving people the ability to follow you on Facebook from your website, think about other ways that you can integrate Facebook into your marketing. For example, if you’re blogging, set it up to automatically post each new article on Facebook.
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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have also become a popular way for agents to market both themselves as well as new properties. To get the most value, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

When designing your ad, Facebook recommends that you write clear, targeted ads with concise text that speaks directly to the audience you will reach. Please follow Facebook Ads guideline on how to create approval Ads.

Secondly, be smart about the image you use in the ad. People want to see properties, not your smiling face. They’ll also click on graphs if the information is focused and relevant.

Finally, consider how you target. We recommends setting up the ads to target your fans and friends — because the people within your sphere of influence are more likely to become clients and be in your target demographic.

Maintain a Professional Image

Be careful what you post to Facebook — pictures of you drinking a cocktail or posts about a wicked hangover aren’t likely to inspire trust.

Everybody on Facebook is a potential client. It’s critical that you pay close attention to the image you’re creating with your posts and pictures. In addition to being thoughtful about your posts, We also suggests using Facebook’s privacy settings to specify what content different sets of friends are able to see.

Finally, we also recommends keep posts positive and informative. The last thing clients want to see is how tough the real estate market is. Use your presence to educate and inspire instead.

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